Cosmic Morality: Starlin’s Fables

Since the 1970’s the work of writer/artist Jim Starlin has managed to stay important and relevant through every kind of political/cultural climate imaginable. The creator’s ouvre endures as a rare connection between comic books and timeless themes of transgressive morality. Unlike other examples of transgressive storytelling Starlin’s work does not involve shock value or anyContinue reading “Cosmic Morality: Starlin’s Fables”

“The Mechanical Man” : Programmed Emotion In Post-Industrial Society

How could the first anti-online dating record be released when no one received home internet service, before cellphones were common, and back when the word “zoom” was just a wacky comic book sound effect? This piece I’ve written for Splice Today – an overview of Bent Bolt and The Nuts’ 7″ vinyl record release “TheContinue reading ““The Mechanical Man” : Programmed Emotion In Post-Industrial Society”

The Comics That YOU Create: Big Publishers, Little Known Creators, and the Birth Of Modern Fandom

With the coming of the comic book world’s so-called early 1980’s Copper Age, the line between fandom, indie/small press artists, and the major comic publishers became threadbare. While Marvel Comics generally maintained its long standing aesthetic and corporate infrastructure, other companies opened up their pages and distribution channels inviting a whole new generation of outsiderContinue reading “The Comics That YOU Create: Big Publishers, Little Known Creators, and the Birth Of Modern Fandom”

Beyond Human Conjecture: Charlton Comics’ “Creepy Things”

Back in the early 80’s I stumbled across a bunch of reprint comics which contained stories originally published in the mid 70’s Charlton Comics series ‘Creepy Things’. Even as a young child these looked and felt different than anything else I’d read before. Even within the weird wild world of Charlton – a comic bookContinue reading “Beyond Human Conjecture: Charlton Comics’ “Creepy Things””

Winnie The Witch

Nearly a life time in the making, here’s a piece I’ve written about the Charlton Comics character Winnie The Witch, one of the most iconic figures of the 70’s. Winnie represented so many things that defined Vietnam Era culture: sex positive feminism, the popular resurgence of paganism and the occult, nihilist schadenfreude, psychedelic performance art,Continue reading “Winnie The Witch”

Dio & Coscarelli: ‘The Last In Line’

Once again I’ve had the pleasure of being published by We Are The Mutants. This time the site hosts my exploration into the political and cultural significance of the 1984 music video for Dio’s metal track ‘The Last In Line’. This bizarre monsterwork was directed by cult film legend Don Coscarelli (of Phantasm and BeastmasterContinue reading “Dio & Coscarelli: ‘The Last In Line’”

LOST IN TIME: Independent Music of The Vietnam Era

From 1998 to 2003 I spent a’lot of time working on what I *thought* would be a print fanzine entitled Lost In Time. This publication was created to cover the history of the Vietnam era’s independent/DIY music artists, specifically the work of teenage American music scenes from the U.S. mid-Atlantic region – everything from selfContinue reading “LOST IN TIME: Independent Music of The Vietnam Era”


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