Beyond Human Conjecture: Charlton Comics’ “Creepy Things”

Back in the early 80’s I stumbled across a bunch of reprint comics which contained stories originally published in the mid 70’s Charlton Comics series ‘Creepy Things’. Even as a young child these looked and felt different than anything else I’d read before. Even within the weird wild world of Charlton – a comic book company whose trademark was eccentricity and innovation – ‘Creepy Things’ stuck out. It was an outrageous concept-horror amalgam whose stories all combined the themes of folk horror, technological deprivation, and rural phobias. It documented a new face of fear that revealed itself at the end of the 20th century. The stories of ‘Creepy Things’ continue to resonate with as much power now as they did in the Vietnam era.

In my newest piece for We Are The Mutants, the origins and enduring legacy of ‘Creepy Things’ are explored. You can read that piece here:

Cover art by Tom Sutton
Cover art by Mike Zeck

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