Winnie The Witch

Nearly a life time in the making, here’s a piece I’ve written about the Charlton Comics character Winnie The Witch, one of the most iconic figures of the 70’s. Winnie represented so many things that defined Vietnam Era culture: sex positive feminism, the popular resurgence of paganism and the occult, nihilist schadenfreude, psychedelic performance art, and dark humor.

Though she mainly starred in 70’s issues of the title Ghostly Haunts, I first came across Winnie The Witch in a 1982 issue of Ghost Manor, GM no. 66 to be exact. This issue featured a full reprint of Ghostly Haunts 47, a series high point. From there I became a life long fan along with countless other lovers of bizarre psychedelic art who consider Winnie to be one of comics’ most extraordinary creations. You can learn more about Winnie The Witch’s enduring awesomeness over at Splice Today:

A splash page featuring Winnie The Witch, originally published by Charlton Comics in Ghostly Haunts no. 23 – art by Steve Ditko/script by Joe Gill

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