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The Global Myth Of Arak

DC Comics’ Arak Son Of Thunder was an incomparable comic book series from the 1980’s that reached the peak of its imaginative power under the guidance of a unique creative team made up of three married couples: Roy & Dann Thomas, Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier, and Tony & Mary DeZuniga. Literally and figuratively a laborContinue reading “The Global Myth Of Arak”

“The Mechanical Man” : Programmed Emotion In Post-Industrial Society

How could the first anti-online dating record be released when no one received home internet service, before cellphones were common, and back when the word “zoom” was just a wacky comic book sound effect? This piece I’ve written for Splice Today – an overview of Bent Bolt and The Nuts’ 7″ vinyl record release “TheContinue reading ““The Mechanical Man” : Programmed Emotion In Post-Industrial Society”

The Comics That YOU Create: Big Publishers, Little Known Creators, and the Birth Of Modern Fandom

With the coming of the comic book world’s so-called early 1980’s Copper Age, the line between fandom, indie/small press artists, and the major comic publishers became threadbare. While Marvel Comics generally maintained its long standing aesthetic and corporate infrastructure, other companies opened up their pages and distribution channels inviting a whole new generation of outsiderContinue reading “The Comics That YOU Create: Big Publishers, Little Known Creators, and the Birth Of Modern Fandom”

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