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Cosmic Morality: Starlin’s Fables

Since the 1970’s the work of writer/artist Jim Starlin has managed to stay important and relevant through every kind of political/cultural climate imaginable. The creator’s ouvre endures as a rare connection between comic books and timeless themes of transgressive morality. Unlike other examples of transgressive storytelling Starlin’s work does not involve shock value or anyContinue reading “Cosmic Morality: Starlin’s Fables”

The Stellar Erotic Expanse

Up now via Splice Today, a 4-part series I’ve written about the bizarre Vietnam era burst of erotic sci-fi films sparked by the popularity of Barbarella. Moon Zero Two, Flesh Gordon, and Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women were some of the greatest movies to emerge from this brief movement. This series takes aContinue reading “The Stellar Erotic Expanse”

The Global Myth Of Arak

DC Comics’ Arak Son Of Thunder was an incomparable comic book series from the 1980’s that reached the peak of its imaginative power under the guidance of a unique creative team made up of three married couples: Roy & Dann Thomas, Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier, and Tony & Mary DeZuniga. Literally and figuratively a laborContinue reading “The Global Myth Of Arak”

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